マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵
マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵 (JUGEMレビュー »)

This is an ATM machine only for you. This design is a Tokugawa shogun version. It has a function of coins discrimination. But it's only for Japanese yen.
人生銀行 (JUGEMレビュー »)

人生銀行 means a life bank. It has a display that shows someone's room. And one person lives in the room. If you put your money in it,his life is going to be rich. If you get this,you might get urge to put your money in it many times. And you are going to be a rich!


Laughter brings good luck!

I'm currently studying English.
I still have no confidence about my English skills.
So,you might find odd sentences in my writing.
But please let it pass with a smile!
You know,laughter brings good luck!
Tiger Mask movement

    Do you know the "Tiger mask"? He is an animation hero who is a masked pro wrestler. It had been popular about 40 years ago,but recently,one news made his name become famous again.

    One or two months ago,there was a news that someone sent a lot of school bags to a children's home. Nobody saw him but they found the sender's name "伊達直人(Date Naoto)" in the letter. It's exactly the name of Tiger mask.

    I don't know much about Tiger Mask,because it's old animation. DATE NAOTO is the masked pro wrestler "Tiger Mask" and he always donates his fight money to the children's home in this story. Maybe someone who likes Tiger Mask donated school bags to children's home,and used his favorite hero's name.

    This goodwill donation spread quickly to everywhere in Japan and people who donate something to children's home are increasing now.
    I saw a TV news that a lot of children's homes of all prefectures got something from DATE NAOTO. But it's not that DATE NAOTO is one person. TV news said that there are lots of people who copy his ideas.
    I think it's really good news. I see lots of bad news everyday,so I was happy to hear this news. And after I saw it,I felt that I'd also like to help someone.

    I hope this event is not just a fad.
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    Teinenpi-girl Heidi テイネンピ少女ハイジ

      This is my favorite animation Teinenpi-girl Heidi.
      Heidi is a famous character from the Swiss novel and the animation of Heidi used to broadcast on TV in Japan.

      But this is not Heidi.
      This is the Teinenpi-girl Heidi.
      It's just a parody. This animation was made for the commercial of a car.
      The strong point of the car is "Teinenpi".
      Teinenpi is a Japanese word and it means economical.

      The girl wearing a red dress is Teinenpi-girl Heidi.She doesn't know what Teinenpi is,so she always asks "What is Teinenpi?" to people.

      His grandfather and his friend Peter don't know anything about Teinenpi,but her friend Kurara(wearing a blue dress) told her that she has a lot of Teinenpi at her home. So,Heidi decided to go to Kurara's house in Frankfurt.

      This is the story of part six and it's about happening in the train. Heidi is enjoying the journey but his grandfather didn't know that she goes to Frankfurt.Kurara noticed that her grandfather is chasing the train. He is chasing the train and is saying "Stop the train!" "Heidi! Come back!". But the train didn't stop....

      There are 4 characters in this animation,but it has just two voice actors. Sebastian,Kurara and Heidi's grandfather are same voice actor. And also,they are a comedian,not a voice actor.

      Other stories are here.
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      Lost the game...

        I played a soccer game last night. ...but we lost the game. The opposite team has some great players and is quite strong so it's natural that we can't win the game. Most members of our team are beginners. I'm also a beginner who have been playing soccer for four years. However,some players of the opposite team used to play in a women's pro soccer team. Actually,their playing was spectacular.

        Last night,I played behind the striker. I usually play as a center forward but have some opportunities to play behind the striker lately. It's really difficult to judge the situation in a game but I can touch the ball a lot when I play behind the striker. It's really interesting. So,I like playing behind the striker more than a center forward.

        I don't know whether women's soccer is common or not in foreign countries. I can't say it's really popular in Japan. There are still few environments of playing soccer for women. But fortunately,my home town Shizuoka is really famous for soccer and there are some women's soccer teams. I feel really happy every time I play soccer even if we lost the game.

        We already played 10 games in the women's league and won only 4 games. I got 3 goals until now. We have more two games in the rest of this season.
        I hope to get some goals in the rest of games.
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          I've just quit the English conversation school I had been attending for 6 years. Last Wednesday,I went to the last lesson. I really like my teacher and class mates and of course enjoyed the class. But one day,I realized that I feel it's stuck in a rut.(and also the cost is quite high) So,I decided to quit the school and try another way to study English.
          But,I can't find another way yet.

          Anyway,I'll update this blog more often than before. I'm sure that it would be good for keeping my English skill.

          By the way,I've been a iPhone user since 8 month ago. Recently,I'm hooked on the iPhone application "Instagram". It's really interesting tool.

          This is a photo of my sons and my niece. I took it by iPhone. Original photo is just perfect ordinary but converted photo is really artistic,isn't it? I really like this. I think it's increasing the frequency of using iPhone camera than before.

          If you don't use "Instagram" yet,you should try it!!
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          Life size Gundam
            Summer vacation of students has just started. My sons were still sleeping when I left home for work. Ahh,I envy them. I wish I could go back when I was a student.

            In this summer,I have a plan to go to my husband's parent's house in Kochi pref. We are going to drive to Kochi and it would take about 10 hours. I guess it's tough but travel cost is cheaper than Shinkansen.
            There will be a famous festival called YOSAKOI-MATSURI in Kochi while we're staying in KOCHI. It's really big and exciting festival so I'm really looking forward to it.

            Well,do you have any plans in your summer vacation? If you come to Japan,I recommend you to go to Odaiba in Tokyo. The big festival called "the United States of Odaiba" is now being held until August 31. I hope I go there until the end of the festival but I don't know whether I can take a day off. What I really want to see of this festival is a big Gundam. There is the 18m-high Gundam in Odaiba and it's life size.

            I used to see Gundam on TV when I was a child and I really loved it. Gundam has been popular for a long time and a lot of people love Gundam. This big Gundam doesn't move, but people who had seen it said that they are really impressed with the quality of the work. Hmmm,I really want to see it!

            Anyway,I hope you enjoy your summer vacation!
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            I'm home!
              I had been in Thailand last week. As I wrote about this on my blog before,I went on a trip to Thailand with my friend for a week. I've been to Guam,Indonesia and Singapore before,but had never been to Thailand. I mean,this is the first trip to Thailand. During the trip,I was really excited and this experience was so amazing for me.

              My friend and I stayed at Bangkok for 4days and also went on a short trip to a countryside for 2days.You know,Bangkok is really big city. There were lots of tourists in Bangkok. I don't speak Thai but in Bangkok,there were lots of shops having staffs who speak English,so I didn't have troubles to talk to them. I think this was a good opportunity to speak English for me.

              Speaking of Thailand,street food is really famous. Photos of below are famous street "Thong Lo". We went to there twice to have dinner during the trip.

              This is my favorite dessert,a mango with sticky rice. It's really famous dessert in Thailand, but before I tried it,I couldn't imagine whether it's delicious, or not. Because we don't eat rice with fruits. But I ate it once and was really hooked on it. This is really delicious. You should try it if you go to Thailand. FYI,I ate it five times during the trip.
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              It's too late to say...
                A happy new Year!!

                Yes…,I know it's too late. But I had no time to update my blog for a long time. I had been quite busy at work until the end of last month and I got a bad cold at the beginning of this month. Yeah,I know it's just an excuse.

                How was your New year's holidays? I went to my husband's parent's house with my family and stayed a week,but then,my two sons got bad cold. They were in bed for 3days,so we couldn't go to anywhere. My sons already got well,but influenza is now raging throughout Japan.

                I didn't update my blog for a long time but I've been really fine. As I wrote before,I got a bad cold,but I already got well. Everyday,air temperature is really low in Japan,but I enjoy playing soccer and futsal at outside.

                By the way, I have something to tell you....

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                I enjoy living in a DOUMORI
                  I rarely play TV games,but there is the game I really like. It's the game titled "Doubutsu no Mori". I guess you realize that it's a popular game in the US if I said it's the game titled "Animal Crossing". Do you know this game? Have you ever played it? It's not a fighting game. You just enjoy your life in town of the game. You can enjoy walking,fishing,shopping,talking with neighbors and so on. I think this is a game just for relaxing. I really like this game and enjoy playing it every night. By the way,"DOUMORI" is a clipped word of "Doubutsu no Mori". Most of Japanese people who like this game call it "DOUMORI" or "BUTSUMORI".

                  Recently,"Doubutsu no Mori" for Wii was released in Japan and I got it. I heard a rumor that it's going to be released sometime soon,so I had been looking forward to get it. And then,I really enjoy playing it every day with my family.

                  Well,I'll show you some photos of my life in DOUMORI .
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                  PAL chan is not just a mascot.
                    I live in Shizuoka,Japan. My town Shizuoka is famous for soccer. There is the pro soccer league called J-league in Japan and Shizuoka has two teams of J league,Simizu S-pulse and Jubiro Iwata,so people living in Shizuoka are split into Jubiro supporters or S-pulse supporters.
                    My family and I are S-pulse supporters and my husband and I bought tickets of all S-pulse home games of this season. It's not cheap,but we would think it's not expensive if they won the title. But,they are having a hard time winning games lately.

                    Well,I'll write about a team mascot of S-pulse today. Most of J-league teams have a team mascot,but I think S-pulse's mascot is the most lovely. His name is "PAL",and people call him "PAL-chan". He is a fictional creature but is really liked from a lot of people. I think most of team mascots only walk around the pitch,but Pal-chan doesn't only walk around the pitch. He is a powerful performers. Before the game starts,you can enjoy his show. He has two fellows named "Ko-pal". I don't know who they are. Sister? Friend? Why do they have same name? Nobody knows about them.

                    This is Pal-chan

                    Recently,Pal-chan released his photo book.

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                    "Last Friends" Japanese TV drama
                      There is a popular TV drama called "Friends" in America,but I'll tell you about a Japanese drama titled "Last friends". You know, "Friends" is a comedy drama. But "Last friends" is a story about Japanese young people having problems. Each one of characters has each of deep problem. The story has a weighty meaning,and sometimes it makes me feel depressed. But somehow, I'm keeping watching it. Perhaps,that's because I used to have a friend having a problem like this drama's character.

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