マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵
マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵 (JUGEMレビュー »)

This is an ATM machine only for you. This design is a Tokugawa shogun version. It has a function of coins discrimination. But it's only for Japanese yen.
人生銀行 (JUGEMレビュー »)

人生銀行 means a life bank. It has a display that shows someone's room. And one person lives in the room. If you put your money in it,his life is going to be rich. If you get this,you might get urge to put your money in it many times. And you are going to be a rich!


Laughter brings good luck!

I'm currently studying English.
I still have no confidence about my English skills.
So,you might find odd sentences in my writing.
But please let it pass with a smile!
You know,laughter brings good luck!
Eating a fish
    In Japan,eating a grilled fish is really common. It's easy to cook. You don't need to cut it. Just grill a fish whole.
    Speaking of a grilled fish,Sanma is one of popular fish as a grilled fish. Sanma means a saury in Japanese. Do you like to eat a saury? I think it's delicious,but I don't like to eat it. Because it's not easy to eat it by chopsticks. There are a lot of small bones,so getting rid of them is troublesome task. Because of that,I don't really like to eat a Sanma.

    Well,look at this photo↓


    This is my son's plate after eating a grilled Sanma. I'm always impressed by his skill of eating a fish. You know,eating a fish by chopsticks is really hard. I can't eat a fish by chopsticks well like him. And also,I don't really like to eat fish-guts. However,my son eats them and says it's delicious. He loves eating a grilled fish and Sanma is his favorite fish. I heard that there are few children who like eating a fish. My son is ten years old. He says he like fish more than meat. I think it's really good for health.

    Every time we eat fishes for a dinner,I'm scolded by my son,because I have enough leftovers. I need to learn about a skill of eating a fish from my son.
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      Do you know the Japanese custom called Otoshidama?
      It is a money gift which is given to children by their relatives during the New Year period. My kids got about 45,000 yen each this year. The usual rate for Otoshidama was 1,000 yen to 3,000 yen,when I was a child. But,because of fewer children,the usual rate of recently goes up in price. The price for a elementary school student is at least 5,000 yen. Otoshidama is a fascinating custom for children,but I can't say it's a good custom for adults :'-(

      Well,my kids buy something they want by their Otoshidama every year,and after that,I receive the rest of their money,and deposit them in the bank. What they bought until last year are TV games and toys and so on. This year,my first son bought a lucky bag of LEGO blocks for 4,000 yen,and the rest of his money was deposited to the bank. But my second son didn't buy anything. I told him that you can buy one thing you want but he answered that he doesn't want to spend his money. At first,I thought he doesn't have anything he wants,but actually I found he can't buy something he wants for 45,000 yen.

      I think I have told you that my kids are really into Rock music. Because of it,he seems to want to buy a new guitar. He told me that the guitar he wants is " Flying V " or " Gibson SG ". I don't know any thing about guitar,but I know they are expensive. He told me that's why he has to save his money. I think saving his money is really good,but I doubt whether he needs a new guitar. Because he already has a guitar which was given from his father, and he can play only the lead-in of " Smork on the water " which is a Deep Purple's song yet. I think he should practice a guitar more hard, before he buys a new guitar ;)

      Incidentally,is there a custom like Otoshidama in your country?

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        ukuleleI don't know why,but there is an ukulele in my house.Perhaps,this is what my father picked up at somewhere.Nobody was not into it for a long time.But recently,my son is really into ukulele.
        My husband is an X-ray technician ,but before he become it,he had been learning music at the music academy.He wanted to be a musician,when he was young.He has some kinds of guitars,and he is good at playing guitar. In contrast,I'm not good at music.I like to listen to music,but I can't sing well.And I can't play any musical instruments.

        My son is 9 years old now.He is learning how to play ukulele from his father everyday,and he is progressing day by day.He always has been touching his ukulele when he is at home.And also he likes to listen to rock music,especially "KISS" and "Queen".I think his taste is in consequence of his father who loves rock'n'roll.

        My family's recent wish is to go to Hawaii.We never have been to Hawaii.My son wants to see real ukulele musicians.And I'd like to meet my former English teacher who lives in Hawaii,and I hope I may be able to communicate with local people in English.In the interim,I need to improve more my speaking ability of English.My son's ukulele skill would be improving more by then.

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        Karate Boys
          karateMy sons have been learning Karate for 4 years. On Monday and Saturday, they go to the Karate school ,and on Tuesday and Thursday,they have soccer practices.As far as my elder son is concerned,he also goes to English conversation school on every Wednesday.They seem to be so busy but I think this is pretty common for today's children in Japan. And the reason they go to a wide variety of schools isn't that their parents force them to do that.At least my sons want to do that.

          There was a tournament of Karate yesterday.There are two kinds of athletic events.One is the basic moves of karate and the other is the bills in a set.My sons aren't good at the athletic event of the basic moves,so they took part in only the bills in a set.
          They always win the first-round match,but unfortunately they lost in the first round on yesterday.

          It was regrettable outcome but I think it was a positive experience for my sons.I think Karate is not only honing their skills but also disciplining their mind.They can learn about traditional customs and manners and practicing the art of concentration.
          Recently,almost everyday there are crimes of every description in Japan.Of course,it's important to acquire the way to defend myself but I think that having strong will is important,too. For that purpose,I hope they keep learning karate and get a strong mind.
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          What a disaster!

            NINTENDO DS that my parents gave my son for his birthday present is already broken!I can't believe it.
            My son just got it only a month ago.But it has already cracks on the LCD.He said he doesn't know why it's broken.But I know,he's always leaving it on the floor.I was always saying to him "Put it away! otherwise, if someone accidentally stepped on it, it will break down".But too late now. It's just as I have thought.
            Not only that, soon after he said to me "Well, I play a game on mom's PC!" Maybe he isn't feeling serious about it.
            I think nowadays Japanese kids are growing up in the lap of luxury.
            I want them to know more about importance of things.

            Anyway,the issue of current importance is to do repairs.I checked it out on the webpage of NINTENDO and it says that will cost about 5000yen and over if I want to repair it.
            And if I repair it soon,maybe my son can't realize to make much of things is very important. And more, I think it would be a waste.
            I think high-tech toys like this are not for kids.
            At least for my son.... :'-(
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            A present from my sons

              The cap I’m wearing is a present from my sons.
              Last month,I gave them chocolates on Valentine's Day.
              So,they bought me this cap in return.
              I instantly fell for it,and I was so happy.

              Incidentally,my husband bought me 30 bagels in return a week ago.
              But we already finished eating all of them.
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              Soccer game

                Recently,soccer became the most popular sports for Japanese children.
                Many children belong to a soccer team,
                and they play soccer after school.
                My sons belong to the soccer team and play soccer twice a week.
                Moreover,they have soccer games on almost every weekend.

                My son also had the soccer games today.
                The first game ended in a 2-2 tie,
                and the second game was defeated in a 4-1,
                the last game was defeated in a 3-0.

                They couldn't so much as win one game.
                But all of the teams which they played against today are very strong.
                So,I want to praise them for their effort.

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