マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵
マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵 (JUGEMレビュー »)

This is an ATM machine only for you. This design is a Tokugawa shogun version. It has a function of coins discrimination. But it's only for Japanese yen.
人生銀行 (JUGEMレビュー »)

人生銀行 means a life bank. It has a display that shows someone's room. And one person lives in the room. If you put your money in it,his life is going to be rich. If you get this,you might get urge to put your money in it many times. And you are going to be a rich!


Laughter brings good luck!

I'm currently studying English.
I still have no confidence about my English skills.
So,you might find odd sentences in my writing.
But please let it pass with a smile!
You know,laughter brings good luck!
    Are you interested in Japanese TV dramas? I used to like American TV dramas,so I wasn't interested in it. However,I found a really interesting Japanese TV drama. I'm really hooked on it,now. Click the picture on the top of this page! You can see it with English subtitles. This drama is on the air in Japan,and the last episode will be aired on next Saturday. It's usually an one-hour drama,but the last episode is a three-hours drama. I'm really looking forward to see it.

    Well,I'll tell you something about this stories. This is a story about a girl who got in trouble and a man who helps her. One day,a girl named Nao found a parcel in front of her door. And she found that there are 100 million yen and a letter in the box. The letter is from LGT Secretariat,and it said that they invite Nao to the liar game tournament.
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    Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou
      gegegeSpeaking of Japanese cartoons ,Doraemon is the most famous character of Japanese cartoon. But there are lots of famous cartoons in Japan except Doraemon. "Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou" is one of popular Japanese cartoons. The author is Mizuki Shigeru. This story is about "Youkai". Yokai means Japanese specters. Kitarou is a Yokai,but he doesn't do harm to humans. He is a good specter. But there are some bad specters who do harm to humans. He and his friends live in a place near human's world. And when a bad specter is doing harm to humans,Kitarou goes to stop the bad specter,and he fights with the bad specter. I mean,Kitarou is a hero.

      When I was a child,I often saw Kitarou's cartoon on TV. I really liked it. And recently,I found that the live-action film version of Kitarou comes out. I was really surprised by that. Because I didn't think that it's possible until lately. But recently,special effects technique is really improving. That's why it's possible to make amazing movies.
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        Last Wednesday,I went to see a movie named "Dororo". After that I went to an English class and I told about that to my English teacher. And then,he asked me what kind of movie it is,but I didn't explain it well in English. My teacher seemed to be confused by my explanation. So,I'm going to try to explain the story about "Dororo" again.
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        Please Teach Me English
          englishIt's not that I ask you to teach me English. This is the title of a Korean movie I saw yesterday. This is a romantic comedy. A Korean woman meets a Korean man at English school,and she falls in love with him. But she found that there is a photo of a woman in his wallet by chance,and realized that he is studying English for her. And after that,she decided that she masters English completely for having his heart.

          I really like Korean romantic comedy. Especially,my favorite movie is "MY SASSY GIRL". Korean romantic comedy has a great sense of humor and also,it impresses me. When I saw "MY SASSY GIRL",I had been laughing until the middle of the movie,but in the last scene,I couldn't stop my tears.
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          Japanese movie 初恋 (Hatsukoi)
            300There was a big crime in Japan one year before I'm born. One day,some people were transporting money by a car,and on the way to the bank,they were stopped by a motorcycle policeman. The policeman said: " Your bank's manager's house was blown up by someone. And also,I got an information that this car has a bomb. I need to check this car right away! Get off! " And then,smoke went up from under the car. The policeman asked them to run away from there in a hurry,and said:" I found a bomb under the car,so I'll try to take this car away as far as I can." In the end,the car transporting 300 million yen was stolen by one policeman. This is the major crime of the Showa Period called " the incident of 300 million yen". At that time, 110,000 people were listed as suspects,and 170,000 people were questioned. But Japanese police couldn't arrest a criminal,and finally the statute of limitations ran out. It's 38 years since this incident,but that money isn't found out yet. Incidentally,that money was for bonus of Toshiba's employees. But the following day,employees could get their bonus,because Toshiba had a insurance. In fact,Toshiba didn't lose money. Additionally,this criminal hurt nobody,so he was told like a hero in the public mind.
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            TWENTY FOUR
              24 -TWENTY FOUR- シーズン4 DVDコレクターズ・ボックスRecently,I hardly have enough time to update my blog.Because,I started to see DVDs of TWENTY-FOUR at last.I really like this TV drama.I was really excited when I saw it for the first time by rental videos,so I instantly bought box sets of the season 2 and 3. I've always been into American dramas.I used to see "Friends" and "X-File"and "Dark Angel",so on.But,I think TWENTY FOUR is the best drama I've ever seen.Actually,I bought the 3rd season's box set last December.9 months passed since then.In Japan,even though the 4th season of TWENTY FOUR already started video rental,I just opened the 3rd season's box set yesterday.
              Do you know why I didn't open it until yesterday?
              Because I definitely think that I'm rendered unable to do every thing of my daily life,if I started to see them.So,I could hardly make up my mind to start to see it for a while.Usually,my free time is after 9pm,I almost spend this time doing what I want to do.For example,I'm reading a book,or updating my blog,or studying English.But perhaps I won't be able to do that if I start to see the TENTY FOUR.Because I would be getting urge to continue to see them so far as time permits.That's why I couldn't open it until now.Actually,it's already bringing about obstacles to my daily life.Since I started to see the TWENTY FOUR,I put what I have to do off to see them.I'm completely addicted to it.

              In Japan now,there is a boom of Korean movie.A lot of women are infatuated with Korean actors and also there is a problem that some women who are addicted to Korean actors don't do their housework.I'm not addicted to actors of TWENTY FOUR,but I'm putting my house work off to see it,so eventually I'm similar to women who don't do their housework :-(
              My TWENTY FOUR boom must be continue until I finish seeing all of episodes.
              However,it's not going on forever,so I think my family would forgive me even if I forgot to do housework a bit.Anyway,American dramas are too interesting,so they are such a problem for me ;)
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              Japanese titles of movies

                I talked about entertainment with my English teacher,because today's unit was "Talking about entertainment".For me,speaking of entertainment,of course it's movies.I really like to see movies.But when we are talking about movies,sometimes my teacher doesn't understand what I mean,because most of Japanese titles are different than original titles.The title she didn't understand was "Confession".I told her that I saw "Confession" a few days ago,but she didn't understand what movie it is.She told me that original title might be different,so I checked it out on the net.Then,I found out the original title of the movie I saw is "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"In case of this movie,both of titles differ only slightly,but also there are Japanese titles which are completely different from original titles.

                For example,do you know what movies these titles mean?

                1.Wild Speed(2001)
                2.Dangerous beauty(2000)
                3.Cutie Blonde(2001)
                5.Divorce show(2003)
                6.Heart of woman(2000)
                7.Legend of Mexico(2003)
                8.Blonde Life(2002)
                9.Fighting Girl(2004)
                10.Captain Wolfe(2005)

                I'll give you some hints,maybe you can find what movies they are.

                1.Paul Walker,Vin Diesel
                2.Sandra Bullock,Michael Caine,Benjamin Bratt
                3.Reese Witherspoon,Luke Wilson
                4.Billy Bob Thornton ,Halle Berry
                5.George Clooney,Catherine Zeta-Jones
                6.Mel Gibson,Helen Hunt
                7.Antonio Banderas,Salma Hayek,Johnny Depp
                8.Angelina Jolie,Edward Burns
                9.Meg Ryan,Omar Epps.Charles S. Dutton
                10.Vin Diesel,Lauren Graham
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                Star Wars, Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith
                  Star Wars, Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Includes Bonus DVD]Finally I saw the latest Star Wars movie "Revenge of the Sith".Exactly,it would be shown from this weekend in Japan.But fortunately,I could go to the special showing which was held 2 weeks ago.I love movies,especially Star Wars series.When I was child,I saw "The Empire Strikes Back" for the first time,and was really impressed by that.Since then,I've been really into movies.For me,"Star Wars" is the starting point of movies.

                  My favorite character is Darth Vader.Therefore,I had a special feeling for this movie.Because I can know why Anakin became Darth Vader.I already had heard some negative publicities about this movie, before I went to see it.But I didn't care of it. Because I love Star Wars series,no matter what anyone tells me. Actually,I was really excited and impressed with this movie.
                  I think Hayden Christensen who played Anakin was really good acting than previous movies.His sad face really struck me.And the most memorable scene is Anakin put on a Darth Vader's helmet.I voluntarily cried in this scene.

                  By the way,after I saw this movie,I went back home and saw "Return of the Jedi" which is digitally-remastered version again.And I was really surprised to find out that Hayden Christensen appeared in the end of this movie. I bought the trilogy box last September,but I had never seen it until then.So,I didn't know that he appears on it instead of David Prowse.

                  My sons will go see it in this weekend.I'm afraid that they ask me to buy light sabers.They already have Darth Maul's light saber and Obi-Wan's and Luke Skywalker's! I think that's enough.I don't want to buy it anymore!
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                  Beyond the sea
                    Beyond the SeaKevin Spacey is my favorite actor.
                    His movie I saw for the first time is "The Usual Suspects".In that movie,he was playing a modest and reserved man who is lame in one leg.But when I saw him of the last scene,I was really excited and was bewitched by his acting.Since then,I'm a great fan of him.

                    I went see "Beyond the sea" of his latest movie yesterday.This is a story about Bobby Darin who was the 60s popular American singer.I didn't know Bobby Darin, and I heard his name at this movie for the first time.But the elderly couple who sat near my seat were saying that Kevin looks like him so much.I didn't know if he looks like Bobby,but I was greatly impressed by his singing and dancing.I saw a lot of characters he played,but never have seen his dancing and singing.I realized he is not only be good at acting but also be good at singing and dancing.Especially I love his voice.So I was intoxicated with his song during seeing the movie.I love characters he always plays who is smart and gentlemanly but also love seeing him as like the character of this time.
                    Additionally,Kate Bosworth who played Bobby's wife Sandra was really cute.

                    Yesterday was the last day of showing this movie.I left early my work and went see it.To tell the truth,I had a lot of things I have to do,so I shouldn't have left early.But,if I missed this movie,I guessed I regret that.So,I think I was right about daring to go see it.

                    However I'm so sorry,boss.
                    I never do that again :'(
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                    Shall we dance?
                      Shall We ダンス? (通常版)Some time ago,Richard Gere appeared in the Japanese TV show called "SMAP SMAP". It's a hit program with SMAP which is a Japanese popular TV star group. Speaking of Richard Gere,his movie of the most popular in Japan is "Pretty Woman". I also had seen it and like it. But now,I'm interested in his latest movie called "Shall we dance?". It's a remake of Japanese movie. I have seen it. And I thought it's a funny and beautiful movie. When I heard that it will be remade at Hollywood, I worried about the casting of it. Because if it has the bad casting,it might ruin a good movie. However I'm relieved to know the casting are Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. I think both of them match the image of an actor and an actress who played in a Japanese movie. I think Richard Gere became my type since he passed middle age. I like a middle age actor more than a young actor. My favorite actor is Kevin Spacey. He is good looking and has really good voice. I also like Jonny Depp and George Clooney.
                      Anyway,I'm looking forward to the movie "Shall we dance?".
                      It's coming soon.
                      In theaters April 23,2005 in Japan.
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