マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵
マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵 (JUGEMレビュー »)

This is an ATM machine only for you. This design is a Tokugawa shogun version. It has a function of coins discrimination. But it's only for Japanese yen.
人生銀行 (JUGEMレビュー »)

人生銀行 means a life bank. It has a display that shows someone's room. And one person lives in the room. If you put your money in it,his life is going to be rich. If you get this,you might get urge to put your money in it many times. And you are going to be a rich!


Laughter brings good luck!

I'm currently studying English.
I still have no confidence about my English skills.
So,you might find odd sentences in my writing.
But please let it pass with a smile!
You know,laughter brings good luck!
Today's lunch for my son

    My son became a high school student in spring this year.
    In Japan,elementary school and junior high school have school lunch,but most of high schools don't have it. So,I have to pack a lunch for my son every morning.

    This photo is today's lunch for my son.
    He is very tall and has much appetite so I have to make heavy lunch. I'm always thinking about menu of tomorrow's lunch. It's a job. He likes meat dish but it's difficult to cook different meat dish every day.

    Today's main menu is sauteed pork with carrot and burdock.
    It's like Kinpira.

    To tell the truth,I'm not good at cooking and can't enjoy it. So,packing lunch every day is really tough for me but I'd like to make a good lunch for him because he is a growing boy.

    It's almost lunch time.
    I hope my son enjoys today's lunch.
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    Good looking or good personality
      I forgot to update my blog last month. My sons had been at home during last month because of the summer holiday,so I had been busy. However,the summer holiday is over,so I would be able to have some free time.

      Well,I have something on my chest,lately. One day,my friend who has a daughter told me that my son likes a girl who is his class mate. My friend's daughter is my son's class mate,too, and I know she likes my son. She is really good girl,so I'm happy if they like each other. However,she seemed to have noticed who my son likes.

      By the way, there is a girl I don't like in my son's class. She is a good-looking girl,and always has a smile on her face. But I know she has a perverted mind. I saw she was running down my friend's daughter when I went to the school festival. After that,she noticed that my friend's daughter is coming toward her,then she said "I was waiting for you!". I was really surprised to see that, and thought that she is a nasty girl!
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      Christmas is just around the corner
        It's still November,now but my town already has a Christmas mood. At the park which is in the middle of the downtown,a big Christmas tree is lighting up,and shopping avenues have Christmas decorations. How about your town?

        Well,my two sons and I saw the news which is saying that there are a lot of men who go to a jewelery store to buy a Christmas present for their girl friend lately. Then,my second son who is 12 years old asked me why men buy a jewel for their girl friend. And he said "Do I have to buy something expensive like that for my girl friend when I grow up? ". I thought that's really difficult question. Actually,some women want to get an expensive present from their boy friend,but others don't. In my case,I never have thought that I want to get an expensive thing from my husband because I'm not interested in jewels and luxury brand items.
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          if you come to Japan on November,you can see a lot of kids wearing Japanese traditional costumes. In Japan,there is a custom of celebrating for kids who became three years old. This is one of Japanese traditional celebrations called "Shichi-Go-San" . Generally,people celebrate for five years old and seven years old girls,and for five years old boys. It's an immemorial custom. I have heard that life span of kids was very short in elder times. They congratulated on children's growth. So, people in old times visited to a shrine to wish for their children's longevity when their kids became three years old,five years old and seven years old. That's recognized as the beginning of "Shichi-Go-San". Recently,life span of kids isn't short,but this custom became a very common event. I also celebrated my sons when they became five years old.
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          my son's first trip
            tripIn Japan,most schools began their summer holiday. My son who is 12 is staying at my husband's parent's house in Kochi with his friend,now. Before summer holiday,my son told me that he wants to go to my husband's parent's house in Kochi with his friend by train. Kochi is in Shikoku area,and it's about 700 km from Kochi to my hometown Shizuoka. You might not think it's far away,but it takes about 12 hours to get there by train,so I think it's a long traveling. And also,my son has never travelled without parent before. So,I hesitated to decide whether I should let him go or not. Have you ever travelled with your friend? And when is your first trip? My son is just 12 years old,so I worried whether he can travel on his own. However,Japanese old saying says "If you love your child, send him out on a journey". That's why I decided to let him go on a trip with his friend.

            At first,I requested them to make a plan of their trip. I told them that I will allow traveling,if they could make a good plan. And then,they started to make a plan of their trip. Everyday,they had a discussion about a trip after school,and sometimes they were doing some research on the Internet. To tell the truth,I thought that it's difficult for them to make out an itinerary. Because they have to change trains many times to get to Kochi,and I was not sure that they can do that. However,I was really surprised to see the plan they made. It was really perfect plan. They checked train's route,and also made a schedule for travelling, figured out the estimated cost. I was impressed by their effort.
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            Happy birthday my niece!
              0626Today is my niece's third birthday. She is my younger sister's daughter. My sister divorced when her daughter was just six months old. So,my sister and her daughter live in our parents house now. My parents worried about my niece, when my sister decided to divorce. Because they thought that children need parents affection. However,my sister and her former husband always had a quarrel. I was not sure why they have a quarrel,but I was thinking that it's not good for my niece. They had a discussion many times and made an effort to improve their relations. But finally,they decided to divorce.
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              The driver's obligation
                There was an accident yesterday. My son's friend and his brother came to my house and played TV game with my kids for a few hours. It became 5 o'clock,they said " we have to go back! bye!",and left our house. But after a few minutes, his brother went back to our house. He seemed to lose his cool and said that his brother fell off his bike and hurt his knee. I was really surprised to hear that. And I followed him to rush to the place of the accident. He was lying in the parking area of the Yoshinoya which is near my house. I found he suffered a serious knee injury. That was terrible. I brought some Band-Aids from my house,but I was convinced that I should take him to the hospital. At that time,I noticed there was a man who is checking his car near him,but I paid no attention to him.
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                Tokyo Disney Sea
                  I went to the Tokyo Disney Sea last week. It opened about five years ago,but we never had been there. To tell the truth, my husband doesn't really like Mickey Mouse. So,even if we asked him to go on a trip to the Disney Land,he always refused it. But the plan of this time was made by my husband. Before making a plan of our trip,he got some informations about TDS (Tokyo Disney Sea ) from his friend. According to him, TDS is better than the TDL ( Tokyo Disney Land ) , because there are few characters who are walking in the park ,and it has a nice atmosphere. I guess his information made my husband want to go to TDS.

                  However,I wanted to go to the Universal Studios Japan more than TDS,because I like to see movies. In the USJ ( Universal Studios Japan ) ,I can enjoy not only attractions, but also cityscapes which are like film sets. And I think the place I can enjoy shopping is the USJ than TDS. There are some interesting shops of movie-related goods in USJ. I get the urge to buy a lot of movie goods,every time I went to the USJ. But I don't feel I want to buy something,when I went to the TDL. Because I'm not interested in Disney characters. So,I didn't expect to be able to enjoy the TDS.

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                  Happy Valentine's Day

                    However,I've been downing with the flu. My fever suddenly went up to 39 degrees on last Sunday,and I've been staying home from work since then.

                    Well,there are people who give an expensive present to their lovers in Valentine's Day. But I think the important thing is not price. I always look for something which can please my husband and my sons. On the Valentine's Day of this year,I gave some chocolates and a small present for my family. For my husband who loves guitars,I looked for a calender of guitars on the net and found a calender of Fender. And for my kids who are into the Rock music, I sent wristbands with Rock band's name. These are not expensive,but my husband and my kids appreciated it very much.

                    Incidentally,my second son got three chocolates from class mates. But my first son couldn't get anything except a chocolate from me. Because he was absent from school today. He was absent from school on the Valentine's Day of last year,too. I guess he pretended sickness,but I don't know why he did so. I asked him why he doesn't go to school,and he told me that he doesn't want to get a chocolate,that's why he doesn't go to school. He is really shy.

                    How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

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                    I'm a bad mother?
                      My second son is the fourth grade in elementary school. There is a marathon in his school today. A few days ago,my son brought me a document of the information of the marathon from school. It said that they need some help to parents on the day,because they have a plan to cook curry for children. I thought it's a great idea for kids,and my son would be delighted,because curry is his favorite dish. But it's a little trouble for me. Because,I'm a class officer of the parents' association,so I have to go to school to cook curry. But I work full time,so I have hardly time to go to school during midday hours. Adding more, there's going to be classroom visitations at the end of this month. But I can't get a day off easily,so I think it's not possible to take part to all of them.
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