マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵
マイパーソナルATM 将軍家御金蔵 (JUGEMレビュー »)

This is an ATM machine only for you. This design is a Tokugawa shogun version. It has a function of coins discrimination. But it's only for Japanese yen.
人生銀行 (JUGEMレビュー »)

人生銀行 means a life bank. It has a display that shows someone's room. And one person lives in the room. If you put your money in it,his life is going to be rich. If you get this,you might get urge to put your money in it many times. And you are going to be a rich!


Laughter brings good luck!

I'm currently studying English.
I still have no confidence about my English skills.
So,you might find odd sentences in my writing.
But please let it pass with a smile!
You know,laughter brings good luck!
My recent events
    June is almost over,so I have to update my blog at least once. As I said before,I've been unmotivated to study English. However,it's not that I want to quit studying English. I have the feeling that I want to improve my English,yet. So,I'll make effort to keep my blog and update it at least once a month.

    Well,I went to Costco last month. Costco is a famous super market in the US,right? Some of them are in Japan,and I went to the Yokohama's. I've been interested in American products,and sometimes I order some products from an American web site. I always order some lavatory papers,paper towels, detergents,and so on. I like designs of American products and of course, I think quality is good.

    My favorite product is "Downy". You know,it's a fabric softener. I love the smell of "clean breeze ". It makes me relax. Sometimes my friends ask me what kind of fabric softener I use because my clothes smell good. I really wanted to buy some Downys of "clean breeze " at Costco,but unfortunately,they didn't sell them. I bought "aloe and white lilac"and it has also good smell.

    I love Downy but I use "Apple Mango Tango" of "Gain" lately because my friend recommended me "Gain". I really like this smell and because of it I really enjoy the laundry. American detergents are a little bit expensive if you buy them in Japan, but I love these smells so I think it's worth buying.

    Anyway,I'll show you what I bought at Costco.
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    Oshiruko Kit-Kat
      I love chocolates and especially I love Kit Kat. I don't know about foreign countries,but in Japan,there are lots of tastes of Kit Kat. I've written about Japanese Kit Kat before,but I found a new taste of Kit Kat lately.

      This is an Oshiruko-flavored Kit-Kat. Do you know "Oshiruko"? It's Japanese traditional foods. It's red bean soup but it contains a lot of sugar,so I think it's a kind of desserts. And Oshiruko has some rice cakes. Japanese people tend to eat rice cakes in winter,so people almost eat Oshiruko in winter. I think most Japanese people like Oshiruko. Of course I love it. I love Oshiruko my mother made. Do you want to eat Oshiruko? If you like bean-jam,I think that you like it.

      Well,do you want to know how this Kit-Kat was? Hmm,I think it's not bad. But it would be better if it has more Oshiruko flavor.

      Incidentally,my current favorite Kit-Kat is Yuzu-flavored Kit Kat. Yuzu is a kind of citron and it's a specialty product of my husband's home town Kochi Pref in Japan.

      If you have a chance to come to Japan,you should go to a super market or a convenience store to look for some Kit-Kat. My ex-English teacher loved Japanese Kit Kat, and he bought a lot of Kit Kat as a present for his friends and family before he left Japan.

      I always look forward to find a new Kit Kat.
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        It's been a long time since last time I updated my blog. I had been unmotivated about studying English and didn't want to update my blog. But I feel inspired about studying English again lately. I don't know why I feel so.I guess I'm just an arbitrary character.

        Well,I'll tell you something I bought today.This is a bread with tofu-cream. I don't know whether I can call this a bread. Is it a pastry? Anyway,there are many kinds of bread like this in Japan. We call it "Kashi-pan" in Japanese. "Kashi" means "sweet stuff " and "Pan" means "bread".

        This bread is made with tofu. You know,tofu is a really famous Japanese food and it's known as a healthy food.This dough includes tofu and also cream is made with tofu. And the tofu which is used is really famous in Japan.

        It's called OTOKOMAE TOFU-TEN.

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        Talked-about ice cream
          There was a sports festival at my son's elementary school on last Saturday. So,students got a holiday yesterday, instead of Saturday. I also got a day off yesterday,and went out with my son. My son has soccer games every weekend. Therefore,we rarely have time to go out together. Yesterday,we enjoyed going out after a long time.

          It was a fine day yesterday. My son and I went downtown by bike. We were going to see a movie "Gegege no Kitarou",but we had time to spare till the movie starts. Then,we decided to stop at an ice-cream shop. I guess you know this ice-cream shop. The name of the shop we went to is "Cold Stone Creamery". This ice-cream shop is really popular in the US,isn't it? A few months ago,I saw a reporter eating this ice-cream on TV,and she said that this ice-cream is the most delicious she has ever eaten. I had been wanting to eat it since then. However,a shop is located in Tokyo,so I had to go to Tokyo if I want to eat it.
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          My lovely time
            I love to have a lunch at my favorite cafe. Of course I love having lunch with my family or friend,but also I like to have a lunch without anybody else. I'm a mother and a wife,and everyday I work full-time. So,I've been busy everyday,and I rarely have time for me.
            That's why I feel that spending time for me is so valuable.

            Usually,I eat sandwiches or rice balls that I bought at a convenience store near my office. But when I felt tired,I often go to my favorite cafe to have a lunch. I can have a good time and think about something I like at an easy pace. Nice atmosphere of a cafe and delicious dishes makes me feel good. That's my stress release.
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              I went to my favorite Okonomiyaki restaurant with my kids yesterday. This restaurant's name is "Donmai(どんまい)". It means "Don't mind about little things". Japanese people often say "Donmai",when someone makes a mistake or fails. This restaurant is located near my son's school. Owner's wife likes children,and she is in front of the restaurant to say good morning to students every morning. So,she is very popular for students. And also my kids like her very much. About a year ago,they told me that a good Okonomiyaki restaurant has opened near my house. Since then,we often go to this restaurant.
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              I love ethnic foods

                Do you like ethnic foods? I really like it. Especially,I love spicy foods like Indian and Thai. But my hometown isn't a big city like Tokyo,so there are few good ethnic restaurants. And also,ethnic foods are too hot for children. Therefore,I have few opportunities to go to ethnic foods restaurant.

                Well,my kids were not at home last weekend. Because they stayed at my parents house. This is a good chance to go to a restaurant which we can't go to with my kids. So,my husband and I decided to go to ethnic foods restaurant. The restaurant that we went to is a Thai foods restaurant. This restaurant is run by Japanese married couple. Owner's wife is a student of the soccer referee school that I belong to. When I took a practical lesson last time,she was asking a coach to let her leave early. I heard her state that she have to go back until lunch time. I asked her what she does for living. And she told me that her husband and she own a Thai foods restaurant. I told her that I love ethnic foods. And she gave me a card of her restaurant. I've been wanting to go to her restaurant since then.
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                Tanabata plate


                  Last Friday was Star Festival. It's called "Tanabata" in Japanese. This is a photo of last Friday's dinner. I cook ちらし寿司(chirashi sushi) for Tanabata's dinner every year,but I cooked different menu than usual this time. This is a Tanabata special plate which has pilaf,demiglace sauce,egg,and star-shaped croquettes. I remembered that I have plates with a pattern like starry sky,so I used them to arrange Tanabata plates.

                  In Star festival,people write their hopes in a strip of paper and decorate branches of bamboo with them. We also decorated bamboo until a few years ago,but we don't do that any more. Because it's hard to get bamboo lately. My son wrote his hope that "I want to be a banana when I grew up",when he was three :-o Banana was his favorite fruit then. He is already 10 years old. I want to know his current hope,so I regretted that I didn't get bamboo this time.

                  Unfortunately,we couldn't see any stars in Tanabata's night because it was cloudy. But we enjoyed Tanabata dinner.
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                  Eating Katsudon for the victory.

                    Have you eaten Katsudon before? This is a popular Japanese food,a bowl of rice with a fried pork cutlet. I'll tell you how to make it.

                    Ingredients :
                    a fried pork cutlet
                    soup stock-1cup
                    soy sauce-3tsp
                    (mirin-3tsp,sake-3tsp : If you have them.)

                    Method :
                    First,slice a onion and a fried pork cutlet. And then heat soup stock with some sugar(or mirin and sake) and soy sauce in a small pan. Next,put onions and a pork cutlet into the pan and simmer until onions get soft. After that,beat a egg and pour it over all the dish in a pan. When egg is nearly cooked,slide it from a pan onto a rice of a bowl.

                    That's easy.
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                    Seasonable vegetables in Japan

                      Is there a habit of eating bamboo shoots in your country? I hardly know about foreign recipes of bamboo shoots,but in Japan,most people like to eat bamboo shoots. Especially at this time,people often eat bamboo shoot as seasonable vegetables.
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